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Sumerwynd Miniature
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Gold Line

About PictureIn May 1970, when Wade and Brian Bogart were discussing what to do for Mother’s Day, the then 12-year-old Wade suggested they purchase a Miniature Poodle puppy as a gift. Brian, whose source of income at that time was a paper route, said no. A few days later Alice Bogart and Wade arrived at the Bogart household with a miniature schnauzer. The rather non-descript female was bred a few times, thinking this might produce a bit of income for the boys.

The show bug eventually “bit”, and the brother would make the purchase that put them in a position to improve the breed. In 1979, when Brian entered Graduate School at the University of Tennesee, one of his professors in the Animal Science Department was Dr. Karl Barth of Karlshoff fame. He suggested they get the best brood bitch they could afford, and in August that year, they did just that.

They purchased from Joan Huber a half-ownership in CH. Blythewood What’s New Nikia all ready in whelp to CH. Blythewood National Acclaim (32). The offspring would then be doubly-bred on CH. Sky Rocket’s Bound to Win (26). The litter produced three puppies – a male and two show – quality bitches, including their first homebred Champion and foundation bitch, CH. Sumerwynd’s Standing Ovation (5). Sumerwynd was officially born, and the Bogart brothers were on their way.

In 1980, Wade met John & Lori Rose (Tanyetta) at a puppy match in Ontario, Canada. They took Wade under their wings and showed him the ropes of grooming and handling. This education continued with Wade’s stint as an apprentice for Joan Huber at the famed Blythewood Kennel.

In the summer of 1982, after Brian had earned a Master of Science degree in Animal Science, and Wade’s return from “Camp Blythewood”, the Bogart family has many discussions concerning the sire of the first litter from their first Champion. The choice was the Canadian-owned Acclaim brother, CH. Blythewood National Newsman (7), and the result was CH. Sumerwynd Still Sizzlin’ (6).

In 1984, Sizzlin’ established a precedent as the youngest Best in Show winning Miniature Schnauzer in the history of the Canadian Kennel Club, and that year was the breed leading in Canada, handled by wade or Brian. His title quest here included Best of Winners at the New York and Delaware Valley Specialties, and Best of Breed from the classes to finish, at the Mount Vernon Specialty, handled by Joan Huber. For his 1986 campaign, Sizzlin’ was sent to Rich and Arlene Smith (Richlene), and achieved a Top Ten ranking, earning 15 Breed wins including the Indiana and Penn-Ohio Specialties.

In the December 1986 Schnauzer Shorts cover story, the Bogarts described him… “Tank” is an unquestionably proper sized dog with cobby build and heavy bone. He has correct action with excellent reach and ground-covering drive. His head is strong, flat and rectangular, with proper parallel planes. A dark wirey coat, dense furnishings and natural showmanship add to his overall charm.

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